The Seedscanner Seedscanner

The Seedscanner

improves your staff’s working environment and reduces the large amount of monotonous manual work. Staff get a more varied job and fewer samples to process. The Seedscanner has a low noise level, and has been designed to meet quality assurance requirements.

A robot handles the samples and the containers in the machine. Samples are treated gently, avoiding any change in the nature of the original samples. The machine has a self-cleaning function and a low noise level.

Seed Analyser

The Seedscanner analyses seed samples and divides them into two fractions. The larger fraction contains the most uniform and typical seeds, and the smaller contains non-typical seeds. Including foreign seeds. The larger fraction is considered to be free from contaminants and is not analysed by visual inspection. Only about 5-10% of the seeds in the original sample need manual examination.


The patented mirror design give views around the kernel and makes it possible to see defects on all sides. The images of the analysed kernels are saved and can be viewed if wanted. Analysis results and images can be exported, printed, and saved digitally, making it easy to go back to specific test result or send result to interested parties.

Computer Zoom

Product Details


Accuracy of sorting: 99%
Part of sample for visual inspection: 5-10%
Capacity: 24 samples of 1000 gram or 36 samples of 500 gram
Size: (L*W*H) 1350 x 790 x 1655 mm

Weight: 150 kg
Supply voltage: 100 - 240 VAC
Frequency: 44 - 60 Hz
Power: 600 W
Pneumatic supply: 6 - 8 bar
Air consumtion: 1 L/min
Air quality: ISO 8573.3.4.3

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